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Hey there! I'm Bledar Ramo, a Software Engineer and Architect with a focus on front-end development and a specialization in Angular. With 15 years of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge in designing and building robust software solutions. I've actively contributed to the open-source community and had the opportunity to author a book called Practical Advanced TypeScript. Passionate about crafting performant and and scalable architectures that form the foundation of amazing products. I strive to deliver impactful solutions that drive innovation."


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Open source contribution

Open source contribution & NPM libs published

@ngjoy.dev/ reactivevalidators

Feature-packed library with advanced capabilities, bringing conditional and multi-layered validation to your Angular reactive forms. It aims to bolster form validation processes by introducing sophisticated conditional rules and checks.


@ngjoy.dev/ /signalstate

sign state library state magaement

Innovative state management library, crafted smartly on the backbone of Angular 16's novel signal feature


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Companies across diverse sectors. From public sector organizations to finance, logistics, real estate, e-commerce companies and more.



Book cover of Practical Advanced TypeScript: Hands-On Learning
Practical Advanced TypeScript: Hands-On Learning

For developers seeking in-depth knowledge of the language, its latest features, Metaprogramming principles,AOP and OOP in TypeScript, Micro front-end technologies and techniques ,and applicable (GoF) Design Patterns for real-world projects. The book expertly balances clear explanations with hands-on practice, ensuring you can immediately apply your new knowledge to realistic scenarios. By the end, you'll confidently handle TypeScript projects of any size, recognizing when, why, and how to apply appropriate techniques and advanced language features.